Polar Wildlife Free Screensaver 1.0


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Date Added:23 August, 2012



Polar Wildlife Free Screensaver is a beautiful screensaver that displays images of polar animals. The screensaver includes lots of high-quality images of animals in their natural environments, such as a family of polar bears resting on a piece of ice, penguins doing different activities, an owl, polar bears swimming, little seals playing, among many others. All the images are shown randomly and with a different transition effect which cannot be customized. However, you will be able to customize the time the images remain on screen, the transition time, and the screen brightness. You can also set the screensaver to display a digital clock in one of the screen corners (24h or 12h clock). You can also show a FPS counter and customize the video mode according to your computer resources. Unfortunately, the screensaver doesn't include music or sounds, which would definitely make it more attractive and relaxing. In short, Polar Wildlife Free Screensaver is a wonderful screensaver that will make you sigh with the incredible images it includes. Luckily, it is absolutely free.

Systems: Windows

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